South Shore Disaster
Animal Rescue Team

Pictures and Stories

Raven- A sweet dog who was born into a horrible cuircumstance and spent his first 6 months of life eithe rlocked in a wire cage in a garage or being attacked in a way he could not defend himself. Raven came to us as a very high energy guy who needed lots of TLC as when he was rescued he was near dead. In working with Raven it turned out he had a heart condition that he would eventually succumb to, but in the meantime he was a regular on the T.V. show Animal House and was an absolute joy to have on the ranch.  We miss Raven, and have even named one of the large dog enclosures "Raven's Ranch".  Animal Cruelty has a name and a face and we are glad that the people responsible for the mistreatment are being dealt with.

Bear- Now named Tioga, was the only boy of one heck of a litter that came to us!! Bear was destined for greatness right from the word go!! His personality and perseverence was evident from the time he could walk.  Tioga, now serves as a therapy dog and a Search and Rescue dog in California (CARDA) and his handler is a forever friend of the SSDART. We are SO proud of our BEAR!!
Wolfie- The following is a letter sent to SSDART from Wolfie's forever home-- 
Dear Christopher,
I am writing to extend a heartfelt thank you for our beloved Husky, Wolfie, who has been a continuous source of love, pride, and esteem for my son Christopher. 
Please know Christopher had been asking for a dog for well over a year.  Since he was only eight, I did not put a lot of hope in adopting a dog Christopher could manage independently enough to give him the sense his dog was truly “his dog”.  Also, to make his request more difficult, he specifically asked for a Husky; I thought the size of a Husky alone would be impossible for Christopher to manage.  Unable to find a gentle way to tell him why we could not own one, I told him I would think about it.
SSDART brought Christopher’s hope and dream to fruition.  We adopted a gorgeous Husky from you whose behavioral and temperament assessment was thorough and precise; Wolfie is the wonderful dog we were told he was.  He is consistently gentle, meek, and playful.  Christopher is able to walk Wolfie on a leash in the school yard and in the neighborhood safely and confidently.  He has trained Wolfie to sit, stay, and come, and rewards Wolfie with treats out of his palm, trusting in Wolfie’s mildness.   
I realize one of SSDARTS’ goals is to rescue animals, but many people benefit from the ongoing dedication and care you extend.  Thank you for an absolutely spectacular and loving dog and for giving my son a cherished companion and friend

Katy McDonough
Natick, MA

The "Rat Pack"-  4 rat terriers names Vinny, Sal, Shorty and Walter came to us after they were removed from an active hoarding case in Ma. These dogs were in a fight for survival setting that forced them to fight amongst themselves for food, water and basic survival. These dogs were 4 of over 30 in this setting and needed long term rehabilitation and socialization. After several months at the South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team Ranch 2 have been adopted and 2 more are awaiting their new home. Are you looking for the perfect little addition to your family? Shorty and Walter would love to meet you!!

uapo- One of our regular residents here at the ranch, Guapo was HBC (hit by car) and of course the good citizen in the car left him for dead.  Guapo made his way home injured and in severe shock. Guapo has made a full recovery after daily anesthesia for wound packing and bandage changing, and is now spending his days laying on the lawn and sunning himself on the ranch.

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