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Dog Training Classes

In Home Family Dog Training!!

  The South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue Team is now offering in home family dog training. We will come to your home and train the whole family, whether it is one particular issue or just general good manners.  Here is the BEST part...Our fee is a donation and we are much less expensive and offer more than a typical dog training class.
How?  We charge one donation amount and offer in home training, live phone support, e-mail support and we stay with you until YOU are happy!! Our goal is to provide the proper positive reinforcement training to make your relationship with your furry friend a positive one!!  One of the top reasons that a dog is surrendered to a shelte ris behavior!!  We can work with you and make your relationship a wonderful experience.
   So how much? We generally ask a donation of $150.00 for one in home visit (usually an hour) which would include one in home follow up visit and phone and e-mail support.  If there are several training needs a behavior plan will be developed that suits everyone involved.

Dog Training Classes

  We are currently offering a course schedule to suit everyone's needs.  We are offering "good citizens" class which teaches the basics of name recognition, come when called, sit, stay, down.  All of which are basic foundations to build a solid relationship between you and your furry friend.  These classes are limited to 8 people per class to maximize the attention you will receive and to ensure the best possible outcome and success!!  Each class participant will also complete a proper care and handling class as well, usually a $50.00 class itself, now included. Total per dog cost is $100.00.

Traditional Good Manners Class-

   We offer a traditional group dog class for your furry friend in Stoughton at the SSDART Ranch.  The classes are small as we only allow 9 dogs per class in order to be as effective as possible and for you to get the most attention and best possible result.  Classes are held on weeknights, Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings.  Please e-mail for more details on scheduling a class.  Classes last 5 sessions, and concentrate on sit, stay,down,come when called and leash handling. Classes are $20.00 per class, totalling $100.00 per course.


Puppy Good Citizen -Saturdays
Puppy Good Citizen- Fridays


Puppy good manners- Saturdays .
Puppy Good Manners- Wednesday

Puppy Good Manners Saturday .
Puppy Good Manners- Wednesday

Adult dog training level 1  Saturday
Adult dog training level 1- Wednesday

We will be posting the schedule soon, please e-mail if you would like to receive more information on the class dates.
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