South Shore Disaster
Animal Rescue Team

Animal House T.V.

                                     Animal House T.V.

One man’s journey to educate and save the lives of animals.

Animal House is an educational and entertaining program hosted by South Shore Disaster Animal Rescue team leader Christopher D’Arpino.


Follow Chris as he trains, learns, educates and saves animals as he takes you on a journey from beluga whales to Ice rescue!!.


Animal House is now viewed by over 400,00 people in states like WI, MA, NH,CT,VT,MD,CA,TN,NM,GA, and more..


Sponsor the program on your local access channel. Call your local access cable company and say I want Animal House!!!

Now Endorsed by The Massachsetts Veterinary Medical Association  WWW.MASSVET.ORG

Beluga Whale Expedition

Gatorland Expedition

 Liger Expedition

Whale Shark Expedition

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